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Boys are organizied into dens acording to their age and school grade.

1st Grade - Tiger Cubs
2nd Grade - Wolf Cubs
3rd Grade - Bear Cubs
4th Grade - 1st Year Webelos Scouts
5th Grade - 2nd Year Webelos Scouts

For more information check out our Den links for links to the leaders of the group your
interested in . Meeting nights and locations.


Dens usually meet once a week after school while school is in session.
We generally hold meeting in the elementaryschools within the Cohoes School District.
Our weekly meetings start a few weeks after the school year starts and ends the second
week of april. We end our meetings early in April so as to allow for our boys to also
participate in Little League and other summer activities. This means there are about 27
den meetings throughout the school year. During den meetings , boys work at a variety of
age appropiate activities based upon a monthly theme and work towards earning Cub
Scout rank advancement by completing various items in the Cub Scout Handbook for thier

Once a month, all dens come together at a Pack Meeting . These are usually held on
Sundays from 2 P.M.- 4 P.M. at the Cohoes Catholic School Gymnasium. During the pack
meeting , the various dens "show off their stuff" by participating in group activities based
upon the monthly theme.