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 This was it. January 16, 2000.
The Official Pinewood Derby track and timer
were set up and ready to begin.
  The awards glistened in the light,
as passing Scouts had hopes of winning one of them.
Here, two Scouts ogle over the awards table
Desiding which model they would choose to build
if they are lucky enough to win todays race. 
   Here is a full length picture of the Pinewood Derby track.
The lights at the end of the track glowed brightly
on the sensors that would capture each cars time.

 Den Leaders Kevin Costello and Ernie Mollnow
set up this "tune-up" table to help the scouts with last minute changes.
A little weight in the body and a little graphite on the axles,
and the cars were "Ready-to-Rumble"!

Each car had to be of a specific weight to qualify
for contention in the Derby.