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    .....Cub Scout Pack 670 is part of the Fort Orange District, Twin Rivers Council, of the Boy Scouts of America.  Our Charter Organization is the Holy Trinity Catholic Church located on Vliet Street in Cohoes, NY.  The pack is the oldest Cub Scout pack in the city with the organization starting in 1953.  Pack  670 is one of the largest Cub Scout packs in Fort Orange District which comprises Albany County, New York.  The pack has been doing a lot of fun things for young boys for a long time.



    .....Our organization strives to help young boys (1st thru 5th Grade) grow to be self- reliant, dependable, and caring.  We try to teach traditional values such as honesty, trustworthiness, and respect for others and the environment.  We do this by maintaining a safe, structured, nurturing environment that fosters the motivation to learn and discover while instilling strong values and morals.



    .....Boys are organized into dens according to their age and school grade.

        1st grade  - Tiger Cub
        2nd grade  - Wolf Cub
        3rd grade  - Bear Cub
        4th grade  - 1st Year Webelos Scout
        5th grade  - 2nd Year Webelos Scout

    .....The size of their den can range from 5 to 15 depending upon the number of adult leaders in the den.  A safe ratio of adults to children is maintained at all times.



    .....Dens usually meet once a week after school while school is in session.   We generally hold den meetings in all of the elementary schools within the Cohoes School District.  Our weekly meetings start a few weeks after school starts in September and end the second week of April.  We end our den meetings early in April so as to allow for our boys to also participate in Little League and other summer activities. This means there are approximately 27 den meetings throughout the school year.  During den meetings, boys work at a variety of age appropriate activities based upon a monthly theme and work towards earning Cub Scout rank advancement by completing various items in the Cub Scout Handbook for their rank.

    .....Once a month, all dens come together at a Pack Meeting.  These are “usually” held on Sundays from 2 P.M. to 4 P.M. at the Cohoes Catholic School Gymnasium.  During the pack meeting, the various dens “show their stuff” by participating in-group activities based upon the monthly theme.

    .....Tiger Cubs have special rules.  Because of the maturity level of the boys, Boy Scouts of America rules mandate that a one to one adult to child ratio be maintained.  For this reason, an adult Tiger Cub Partner must join with the boy and attend all meetings.  Tiger Cubs usually meet every other week and go on a wide variety of field trips (Firehouse, Police Station, or Museums) to keep with the Tiger Cub Motto of “Search, Discover, and Share”.  Tiger Cubs are awarded Tiger Paws for each of their 17 tasks.  The Tiger Cub Dens have a DenCoordinator to help keep things organized.

    .....The pack stays active during the summer by scheduling summertime activities. “Hikes, Field Trips, Baseball Games, Museum Visit, Family Camping Trips, Etc.”  Usually we schedule at least one summer time activity per month.


    .....The current cost of membership is a “one time” application fee of $20 for the first boy, and $10 for any additional boy.  This covers his membership cost to the National Council of Boy Scouts of America and it also provides a subscription to the monthly Scouting Magazine “Boy’s Life”.

    .....In addition there are membership dues, which help the pack purchase advancement awards and supplies to keep dens operating.  Dues are $5.00 per/month for Wolf through Webelos and $2.50 per month for Tiger Cubs.



    .....The Pack conducts two fundraisers throughout the year.  Usually a Popcorn Sale and a Candy Bar Sale.  Proceeds from these fundraisers go to meeting our pack operating expenses and our biggest yearly expense, renewing our annual charter with Boy Scouts of America.  All scouts are expected and encouraged to participate.


Other Activities:

    .....The Pack participates in local community service projects such as “Scouting For Food” a yearly food collection drive to help the needy in the community.   We also try to spread some Christmas cheer by going “caroling” in some of the local nursing homes.  We also try to help out with other worthwhile community projects that improve the environment.

    .....Each year, the pack participates in a variety of additional District and Council organized activities (Summer Camps, Camporees) which round out our scouting program.  Each year we graduate our 2nd Year Webelos Scouts into Boys Scout Troop 670 also chartered by Holy Trinity Parish.  So the Scouting experience can continue into young adulthood.