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- The Blue and Gold Banquet -
A few brief words...


 His Honor Mayor John McDonald of Cohoes
addressed the Scouts and their families with words of
accomplishment, community, and pride.

Thank You Mayor McDonald for attending
this most important occasion in the lives of our Scouts.

Assemblyman Ron Canestrari
also expessed to the Scouts his feelings
of acheivement and dignity.

Thank you Mr. Canestrari!


 Father Auther Becker honored the gathering
with hopes and dreams for the future of the Scouts
in their advancement in Scouting .

And a benediction before all partook
in the afternoons meal.

Thank You Father Becker.

 It was a rather large turn out at the Cohoes Catholic Gym.

It was Pack-ed!


 Coffee, Brownies, and a well decorated cake
with a wishful sentiment ended the meal.

Thanks to all for the help you gave in the preperation
of the food and decoration for
the Blue & Gold Banquet.

It was a Success!