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Cub Crub! (cont.)

Then the Fun started!

Here the scouts played a game called...

"Marshmallow Muffin Toss" 

 The object was to see which team
could get the most mini marshmallows
into a couple of muffin tins within a certain amount of time.

I see some "Bigger Scouts" really getting involved
in the afternoons fun!

 Here the boys had a lot of fun
in this ingenious "Peas Porridge Hot" relay race.

Each boy had to run down the length of the gym,
chomp on a dry soda cracker,
and recite a poem into a bucket...



 "Peas porridge hot"
"Peas Porridge cold"
"Peas porridge in the pot,
nine days old!"

"I think thats what he said?"

"After all this fun and games...I'm a bit hungry"  


The meeting ended with refreshments.

Next month is Pack Graduation!

(Thanks to all the parents that volunteered to help out in the games.)